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Rental Exhibits

Renting a trade show exhibit can be a great option for many companies. There are many advantages for renting compared to purchasing a custom exhibit.

Here are some advantages to rental exhibits:
• Renters can avoid the storage, refurbishment, disposal and inventory management cost inherited by purchasers.
• Can be more strategic from one show to the next on how you want to select a booth to rent.
• Smaller upfront investment required.
• Rentals provide greater flexibility to configure to booth size and shape.
• No depreciation of a rental exhibit.
• Exhibit rentals are good option for new exhibitors, less of an upfront commitment.

Whether it's a purchase or a rental, it's just a matter of what is a better fit for your company needs.

TrueBlue Exhibition offers a variety of rental trade show exhibits and displays. Custom components and graphics added to our vast inventory of rental components create a unique and custom look capable of competing on the tradeshow floor. Other rental accessories like furniture, carpeting, A/V equipment, counters, pedestals and lighting complete the package, creating a professional display that looks like it was designed exclusively for your organization.