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Product type: LR-SM

Pixel pitch:  2.6mm / 2.97mm /3.91mm / 4.81mm

Brightness: 1000nits

Cabinet material: Die Cast Aluminum

Delicate Appearance

1. Graceful & modern appearance design with technological sense, Once installed, the screen formation close seamless just like one single panel, which makes the perfect display effect.

2. Larger view angle  to meet the delicate requirements of color.  It has automatic color correction function which makes it can present smooth and delicate color.

3.  Intelligent module for data storage in time which can save the correction data so that it allows for replace and play.

4. Convenient maintenance with  integrated power box.

5. Steady working with wireless modular components.

6. Dual power backup to avoid black screen.

7. Fixed angle adjustment for different curves, more accurate.

8. The maximum radian (inner arc +10 degrees, outer arc -10 degrees). Also other excellent features such as high security and easy installation which make it perform great in many occasions like concert, wedding ceremony and other big events.

Parameters Value
Product type2.62.973.914.81
Pixel configurationSMD 1515SMD 1515SMD 2020SMD 2020
Module resolution192*48168*42128*32104*26
Module Size(mm)500*125 500*125 500*125 500*125 
Pixel Density(Pixels/m2)147 456112 89665 53643 264
Brightness(cd/m2)1 000 1 000 1 000 1 000 
Viewing Angle(H/V)H:140 V:120H:140 V:120H:140 V:120H:140 V:120
Cabinet Size(mm)500*500*65 500*500*65 500*500*65 500*500*65 
Cabinet MaterialDie Cast AluminumDie Cast AluminumDie Cast AluminumDie Cast Aluminum
Cabinet weight(kg)≈6.5kg≈6.5kg6.7kg≈6.5kg
Refresh rate(Hz)≥1920≥1920≥1920≥1920
Input voltage(V)AC100-240AC 220V(110、110-220)AC 220V(110、110-220)AC100-240
Input power frequency(Hz)50/6050/6050/6050/60
Max Input Power(W/m2)≈150≈150≈150≈150
Average Input Power(W/m2)≈75≈75≈75≈75