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Product type: CFC4

Pixel pitch:  4.8mm


Cabinet material: carbon fiber

Delicate Appearance

1. Made by the new material carbon fiber with characteristics ultra-light and ultra-thin.

2. Single-person can complete the entire screen installation, and can replace any cabinet of the whole screen.

3. Carbon fiber cabinet has high strength, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue, creep resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and many other excellent performance.

4. Integrated power box design with current-sharing power back-up to save energy and avoid black screen.

5. Save time:build quickly, fast maintain, easy to loading or unloading; save money: operating costs is 20% lower than diecast aluminum cabinet,both truss and transportation costs are low.

Product typeCFC4
Pixel pitch(mm)4.8
Pixel configurationSMD2020(Black LED)
Module size(mm)250×250
Cabinet size(W*H*D mm)500×1000×60
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡)43,264
Cabinet MaterialCarbon Fiber
Cabinet weight(kg)≈7.5kg
Input Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Input voltage(Nominal)(V)220V(110/110-220)

Excellent Design

High contrast, high refresh rate, high strength, ultra-thin design

Left Picture Note :

1. Connection detail between hanging bracket and cabinets.

2. Connection detail between cabinets (Upper & Lower).

3. Mounting Bracket.

4. Connection detail between cabinets (Left & Right).

Various Installation

Hanging Procedure:

The led cabinet’s fixed pin should be aligned with the hanging beam’s fixed hole firstly.Installation between cabinet and hanging beam: keep the gear switching handle open, then push up the fixed pin into the beam hole and turn left 180°.Installation between cabinets in one vertical: please refer to step 2.Installation between cabinets in one horizontal:push the fixed pin into the fixed hole, then turn down 180° with the gear switching handle.

Stacking Procedure: 

Basic components from bottom to up: foot mounting-hanging beam-grid bracket-cabinet fixed